Internet Law

The legal issues related to the use of the Internet by individuals and businesses alike cut across a variety of legal disciplines that together make up the practice of Internet Law.  Whether you are an entrepreneur launching your first e-commerce business or an established social network, publisher, website, technology provider or other Internet platforms, the need for a proper legal foundation and the ability to apply the ever-changing legal landscape to your business in an efficient manner is the same. Our NYC Internet attorneys can help you traverse this complex landscape.

Our hands-on concierge service is what distinguishes our Internet Law Firm from others in NYC.

Cohen Schneider LLP focuses on Internet law in NYC and counsels clients on Internet law matters such as developing and protecting rights to online-based content and intellectual property, structuring terms and conditions to govern users’ participation on a website or Internet platform, developing and overseeing advertising and marketing efforts, addressing issues related to user-generated content and managing an e-commerce business and privacy and data security.

Our clients often ask: “How do I grow my business and protect it?”  The best answer is working with a team of legal professionals that can anticipate your business’ needs and proactively prepare for the road ahead.

Our New York Internet Attorneys thrive on assisting entrepreneurs who find opportunities and capitalize on them while recognizing the need to invest in building a strong legal foundation, enabling our team to advise on legal strategies that provide them with the possible opportunity to reach their business objectives.

The Internet has changed the way the world conducts business. It’s a whole new ball game and we study the playbook, which changes often.

Whether you are an entrepreneur launching your first business or an established e-commerce website, our expertise as NYC Internet attorneys will provide you with the hands-on services that you need.  

Our Services

  • Development of terms and conditions, privacy policies, terms of use, user agreements and platform services agreements
  • Review of advertising and marketing strategies and tactics and websites for legal compliance with state and federal advertising and consumer protection laws, Federal Trade Commission regulations, etc.
  • Development of social media policies
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Communications Decency Act compliance
  • Counsel regarding the treatment, editorial functions and monitoring of user-generated content
  • Compliance with popular social networks’ policies on advertising, promotions and the maintenance of group/fan pages and drafting terms and conditions for promotions and sweepstakes
  • Appearance before regulatory agencies and law enforcement bureaus
  • Acquisitions and/or disputes of website domain names
  • Counsel on establishment of e-commerce products and services
  • Extension of established brick-and-mortar business to online presence
  • Development of outsourcing and procurement agreements
  • Definition of intellectual property rights including trademark and copyright infringement claim
  • Rights of privacy and publicity Internet law