NYC skyline view at sunset You’ve found it: your ideal office, studio, or retail space. It took time and patience, but it encapsulates what you need, where you need it, at the right price. You’re ready to commit.

Now, you need a real estate lawyer who can help you negotiate more favorable terms—while keeping the deal intact.

As New York City commercial real estate lawyers for over 35 years, we have conducted thousands of commercial real estate closings—in NYC and in surrounding boroughs and counties . As with all of our work, our eye is firmly on the bottom line. Your bottom line. When it comes to what’s important, we’re skilled, tenacious negotiators. But we won’t trip up over boilerplates, nor will we “over-lawyer” your deal—and jeopardize your space.

A hallmark of our practice: we take the time to translate hard-and-fast legalese into English-for-entrepreneurs. In this case, our NYC real estate lawyers will help you understand and then negotiate common commercial NYC real estate terms: “good guy” guarantees, real estate tax escalations, and the like. We make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into, because you can’t make an informed business decision without sound legal advice.

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