Business and Corporate Law

Factors affecting a business can change daily or at a moment’s notice, while certain matters require months of strategic planning. No matter what stage of the business lifecycle your company is in, Cohen Schneider LLP’s business lawyers can assist with strategy and execution.

As a firm, Cohen Schneider LLP has distinguished itself in New York City as influential business lawyers. Our practice focused on business law in NYC, includes clients big and small. We represent entrepreneurs, startups, emerging companies, small businesses, established companies, business owners and not-for-profit organizations in a variety of industries including e-commerce, Internet ventures, social media networks, education, retail, advertising, media, real estate, professional services and food and beverage and we leverage our extensive experience in areas of corporate, real estate, employment, intellectual property, Internet, litigation, alternative dispute resolution and general business law to serve our clients that operate in a variety of industries.

Serving Your Business Needs

Our NYC business attorneys often serve as a business’ full-service outside general counsel in situations when a business does not have either the need or budget for full-time general counsel on its staff.

Our goal is to help our clients establish long-term business strategies and to advise them as they move through development, management, and operation of their business growth. We draw on our years of experience as New York corporate attorneys with in-house and entrepreneurial experience of their own to help clients navigate confidently down their chosen business path while minimizing legal risk and proactively planning for the road ahead. Our role as trusted business lawyers in NYC and advisor is to provide the benefit of our professional insight and earn your trust through years of reliable advice.

As corporate attorneys based in our New York City and Boston offices, we advise clients on all aspects of their business operations. Initially, one of the first decisions that must be made is determining and selecting the form of entity under which your business will operate.  We review and help (along with a client’s accounting/tax advisors) identify what structure of structure best suit your needs, such as a limited liability company (LLC), corporation (discussing the difference between an “s” election and regular c-corporation), professional corporation, professional limited liability company, partnership, etc., and then draft and file the documentation required to form the chosen entity. Our New York small business attorneys will help take care of any legal hurdles so that your business is healthy as it grows.

Operating a business also includes the organization and oversight of corporate governance matters.  After formation, we provide our clients with organizing resolutions and ensure that matters such as approval of policies (e.g. by-laws) are filings are completed as and when required.  Also, at the outset (preferably) or when a company brings on partners or additional shareholders, we draft and negotiate founders’ agreements, operating agreements, shareholders’ agreements and partnership agreements so that owners’ rights and responsibilities to the company and each other are clearly defined.  Our NYC Business Lawyers also work with our clients on following legal requirements and observing best practices when it comes to maintenance matters, too; keeping an up-to-date corporate record book, having routine meetings and minutes of such meetings and when required, written resolutions help companies stay compliant and also cut down on the amount of catch-up work that may be required if a company should need to raise capital or if an opportunity to be acquired comes along.

Legal Expertise

When companies consider raising capital (debt or equity), entering into strategic partnerships or merging or being acquired (or leading an acquisition), our NYC business lawyers facilitate negotiations. Our business lawyers have facilitated and can advise on all related issues such as:

  • Negotiation of agreements with brokers and investment bankers
  • Negotiation and preparation of letters of intent
  • Assistance with the organization and development of due diligence documents
  • Management of due diligence reviews and assessments
  • Preparation and negotiation of deal documents (e.g. stock purchase agreements, convertible notes, asset purchase agreements, etc.)

Our Services

Cohen Schneider LLP’s New York City and Boston-based business attorneys routinely provide a full range of services, delivering practice advice and innovative legal analysis in a cost-effective manner utilizing the most efficient assignment of business lawyers and professional staff to support our clients.

Our services include:

  • Advising on business entity formation options and capital structure
  • Drafting and negotiating shareholder agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements and joint venture agreements
  • Real estate matters including leasing, purchasing and selling, developing and financing transactions
  • Advising on various types of financing arrangements (e.g. venture capital, debt, etc.)
  • Structuring, drafting and negotiating basic to complex commercial agreements for a wide variety of business transactions
  • Identification and protection of trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights
  • Providing counsel on employment matters including drafting employment agreements, policies, procedures and employee handbooks as well as training (e.g. anti-harassment)
  • Advising on compliance with various matters of corporate governance
  • For our not-for-profit clients, obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status
  • Joint venture agreements, partnership agreements, and strategic alliance agreements
  • Nondisclosure, confidentiality agreements, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Technology, Internet and online business related agreements
  • Preparation and negotiations of deal term sheets and financing documents (e.g. stock purchase agreements and convertible notes and related agreements)
  • Preparation and negotiation of operating agreements, founders’ agreements, and shareholder agreements
  • Litigation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution

Speaking of litigation, our NYC business Attorneys not only help in establishing your business but we’ll be there to help should any disputes issues arise. Our team can address all elements related to commercial or business disputes. Our goal is to help clients settle matters when possible so they can return their focus to operating their business; however, when a matter cannot be settled or needs to be pursued in court or alternative dispute resolution proceeding, our experience as zealous advocates before judges, arbitrators, and administrative agencies enable our clients to pursue such matters without having to look to another law firm for assistance.


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