Cohen Schneider LLP education law practice provides representation and counsel to a wide range of education organizations including charter schools, private schools, educational management organizations, charter management organizations and educational service providers.

  • Charter Schools
  • Educational Service Providers
  • General Counsel Services
  • Intellectual Property
  • Compliance & Governmental Relations

Charter Schools

Charter Schools, in particular, face a myriad of unique legal issues that require the involvement of experienced counsel well versed in charter law and familiar with the various local and state regulatory agencies that govern every aspect of a charter school’s operations.

Education lawyers at Cohen Schneider LLP have provided guidance to charter schools throughout the country and are expert in the issues that face charter boards during their formation, governance of the charter school, and the school law issues that schools face each and every day they operate.

Proper preparation, creation of processes, and documentation are key to a charter school’s success in regards to legal compliance. Cohen Schneider LLP provides the counsel and guidance needed to achieve this goal.

Our Services include:

  • Charter Applications and Petitions
  • Corporate documents (e.g. bylaws)
  • Board training
  • Counsel on Board governance
  • Real estate issues
  • Compliance and regulatory affairs
  • Representation before authorizer
  • General counsel services to Board regarding school operations (e.g. employment, contracts, etc)

Educational Service Providers

Businesses, consultants, support organizations and other entities that provide service to or support charter schools, private schools and school districts face unique issues and circumstances that differ substantially from doing business with other private and governmental clients.

Cohen Schneider LLP attorneys represent several educational service providers throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom, and have counseled clients through numerous transactions involving local, state and federal agencies, partnerships with other service providers and individual schools.

Our services include:

  • Negotiation of basic and complex multi-party contracts, memorandum of understanding, service agreements and management agreements
  • Advocacy before local, state and federal officials
  • General counsel services
  • Intellectual property counsel
  • Regulatory affairs Compliance

Private Schools and Proprietary Schools

Cohen Schneider LLP educational attorneys work with applicant teams and founders to apply for licenses/permission to operate private schools and proprietary schools in New York State and acts as these educational institutions’ outside general counsel throughout their lifecycle.

Our services to Private Schools and Proprietary Schools include counsel regarding:

  • Formation of entities, authorization to do business in multiple states and application for tax exemption, where applicable
  • Corporate-level documents including operating agreements, shareholder agreements and by-laws
  • Applications for authority/licensure to State Education Department
  • Negotiation of basic and complex multi-party contracts, memorandums of understanding, service agreements andmanagement agreements
  • Development of policies and procedures for employees, students and families
  • The development, protection, licensing and distribution of intellectual property
  • Compliance and regulatory affairs
  • General counsel services for day-to-day matters (e.g. contract negotiation, employee relations, dispute resolution)

Educational Intellectual Property

Both education service providers and schools themselves handle intellectual property on a daily basis and need to be versed in the legal issues that are present in education.

As counsel to schools and businesses in the education space, the Cohen Schneider LLP education lawyers routinely advises its clients regarding the creation, protection, use and licensing of their own and others’ intellectual property.

Our services include:

  • Training on intellectual property law for the teacher, school and educational service provider
  • Trademark & Copyright registration
  • Counsel on content creation for written, electronic and audio/video works
  • Creation and negotiation of license and permission agreements
  • Website content review and protection
  • Website privacy and terms of use notices
  • Work-for-hire agreements with independent contractors
  • Review of employment agreements, offer letters and employee manuals for IP notices

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