Writing 200 Words Could Win You A Lake House (conditions certainly apply)

An entrepreneurial couple selling their lakefront home in the Catskill Mountains has taken an unconventional approach to marketing their property:  holding an essay-writing contest, with the winner-paying the $149 entry fee and judged to have written the best 200 word piece-literally winning the house.  Read more

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Why it’s the Super Bowl® for some and “The Big Game” for others

As America prepares for that annual tradition of watching the best-of-the-best go to battle on the first Sunday evening in February, if you have ever wondered why certain retailers, restaurants and others “cryptically” refer to the Super Bowl® as “The Big Game”, wonder no longer.

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Justin’s Ski Shop, LLC – Getting Started

Last week, we met with the founding team of Justin’s Ski Shop to discuss representing the Ski Shop as it works towards an opening.   The consultation’s agenda was focused on what entity the founders should chose to own and operate the Ski Shop (a corporation versus a limited liability company and the associated governing documents between the company and the founders) and how to move from a draft lease provided by the Landlord to a signed lease so that they do not miss out on the prime real estate opportunity and the ski season.

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New Year, New Business

Happy New Year!  With the New Year and associated New Year’s resolutions, there’s typically an uptick in folks venturing into new businesses, adding products or services to their current business, undertaking new projects or otherwise making tweaks and changes (or resolving to exploring tweaks and changes).

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NYC Marathon Lottery Class Action Lawsuit Settled

Coming off the NYC Marathon last week, as marathoners are resting, recovering and settling back into their day to day routines, the New York Road Runners (“NYRR”– the not-for-profit organization that produces the NYC Marathon and many other races and running initiatives in New York City) have settled (subject to Court approval) the class action lawsuit (the “Lawsuit”) brought against them in March 2016 regarding the process used by the NYRR for potential participants to register to enter a drawing (the “Drawing”) for a non-guaranteed entry for a spot to participate in NYRR’s NYC Marathon and NYC Half Marathon.

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Election Day Law: VOTE!

Several things make this 2016 Presidential Election interesting- including that both major party candidates will be voting from their home states of New York- but what we find particularly interesting today are a few election-day specific laws that will keep you occupied as you wait on what will likely be long lines to cast your ballot and perhaps a long day and night waiting to see who will be our next President.

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Halloween Laws: Trick Or Treat

As some of us prepare to take our kids trick-or-treating this evening or throw on costumes ourselves, others seek to avoid the crowds of “over-aged” trick-or-treaters that attend the West Village Parade and otherwise fill the streets of New York City or simply look forward to enjoying an obligatory candy bar, we are here to help you enjoy a few legal treats, too:

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The New York City Fair Chance Act

For many, the New Year is a time to reset, plan for the future, and resolve to do things differently/better in the coming year. With the enactment of The Fair Chance Act (the “Act”) on October 27, 2015, individuals applying for jobs with certain New York City employers are given the opportunity to pursue a new beginning and be judged on the merits of their experience without potentially being screened out at the application stage due to past behavior.

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Product Reviews, Endorsements and Astroturfing

The Internet and social media have empowered consumers with readily available, detailed information, significantly altering buying behavior by easily allowing independent research into products and services. Reviews of products and services by other consumers based on their actual experience are a major source of trusted information. As such, there has been an explosion of on-line customer reviews and endorsements – both positive and negative.

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The Internet of Things

The coming Internet of Things or IoT has been described as the next industrial revolution, and slated to be as transformative as the digital revolution. Whether these comparisons are hyperbole or not, the IoT is clearly a huge development with major implications for consumers, enterprises and Internet law.

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