Fri Mar 6, 2020 | | General, Startups

I’m A Solopreneur, Do I Need To Incorporate? What Are The Benefits?

When potential clients reach out to us and they explain that they are going to be the sole founder of a company, sole owner of a company, they often ask us do I even need to form a company? And what are the benefits of forming a company versus sort of just operating the business on my own? There are a few benefits and important ones.

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Sat Sep 28, 2019 | | General, Startups

S Corp vs C Corp: Make The Right Selection

One of the questions we receive during initial consultation stage is, “I want to form a corporation, what is the difference between S Corp vs C Corp ?”

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Tue Sep 10, 2019 | | General

September 11th Remembrance Day

As the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approach, yesterday, Governor Cuomo signed legislation to create the September 11th Remembrance Day which shall enable the observance of a brief moment of silence on each September 11th in public school classrooms.

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Thu Jan 3, 2019 | | General, Real Estate, Startups

Justin’s Ski Shop, Part 1 (New Year, New Businesses)

Happy New Year!  With the New Year and associated New Year’s resolutions, there’s typically an uptick in folks venturing into new businesses, adding products or services to their current business, undertaking new projects or otherwise making tweaks and changes (or resolving to explore tweaks and changes). 

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Mon Oct 31, 2016 | | General

Halloween Laws: Trick Or Treat

halloween law

As some of us prepare to take our kids trick-or-treating this evening or throw on costumes ourselves, others seek to avoid the crowds of “over-aged” trick-or-treaters that attend the West Village Parade and otherwise fill the streets of New York City or simply look forward to enjoying an obligatory candy bar, we are here to help you enjoy a few legal treats, too:

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