Thu Mar 26, 2020 | | Copyright, Covid-19, Education

Remote Learning & Copyright Law Considerations

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, schools across the country are forced to rapidly institute remote or distance learning plans for their teachers and students.  While remote learning has the potential to be a worthy substitute for in-class lessons, it can present numerous challenges in terms of copyright law compliance.  School administrators and teachers should familiarize themselves with some basic copyright law considerations when posting lessons online.

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Fri Mar 6, 2020 | | General, Startups

I’m A Solopreneur, Do I Need To Incorporate? What Are The Benefits?

When potential clients reach out to us and they explain that they are going to be the sole founder of a company, sole owner of a company, they often ask us do I even need to form a company? And what are the benefits of forming a company versus sort of just operating the business on my own? There are a few benefits and important ones.

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