Destination for Innovation

A law firm for entrepreneurs and pioneers in business, education and not-for-profit ventures.

Innovation. It’s having a vision and then seeing it through. Innovators re-imagine the future by bringing much better mousetraps into the world: game-changing products, services and ideas. And behind every disruptive start-up, trailblazing school, enterprising business and organization are determined leaders, talented staff, energetic teams and supporting professionals, including forward-thinking, confident and strategic lawyers.

Cohen Schneider LLP is the hub for innovation and its creators. Our dedicated business lawyers counsel our clients by devising sound legal strategies that form the foundation innovators need to build their growing companies, socially-impacting organizations and schools on the cutting edge of education and education reform. We steer our clients through legal and regulatory matters big and small, and the many pivots they experience along the way. Business, Education, Not-For-Profits, Internet, Retail, Media, Hospitality and Real Estate—our clients’ businesses and ventures cross multiple verticals. And so does our Law Firm’s experience, capabilities and range of services to support their dynamic needs.